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Hello, I am Dr. Banda Shilimela currently based in Namibia.

Dr. Banda Shilimela is a self-made Namibian billionaire, born on 07, March 1971 in Ekamba village, Oshigambo in Oshikoto region. He is born by meme Selma Nukongo Shilimela and Tate Noa Petrus Shilimela. As a child, he grew up looking after his parent’s livestock as well as doing other village chores. He enrolled kinder garden at Oshigambo in the year 1975, hence he only attended elementary school up until standard two.

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Business as a child

According to Dr Banda Shilimela Himself

His business interests started while he was a little boy as he portrayed money with jackal berry seeds in exchange for sugar that he use to steal from home. To sum up, he grew up very naughty, hence a very smart boy indeed. As boy raised in a Christian home by Christian parents, he used to go to church and one day he decided to pursue a career as a priest, an interest that his mother turned down, as a result, he got so angry, and he said to himself there was no need for him to go to school as his interests of becoming a priest were turned down by his mother literally. According to him, he continued pretending as if he was still going to school, yet he only ended up under the trees and go home with other child when the school was out.

My Skills

Security . Technology . Business

Guarding, Alarm System and Tracking 100%
Monitaring Systems Technology 70%
Business Administration 80%

Employment Creation

B&E Group Holdings has created employment opportunities to more than 4000 Namibians and it has about 25 office branches in the whole country, as well as beyond the borders such as in Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and republic of China being no exception.

Poverty Eradication

For the higher number of employement, Thousands of Namibians are now able to take care of themself and their family, fighting poverty.

Worthy of Assets

The Namibian business mogul has proven to be who he wants to be, as he owns two Helicopters as well as a multi-million dollar fishing boat floating the world’s deepest water, hence largely contributing to the economic growth of the country. The revenue of the well-respected Namibian tycoon is believed to worth about 2, 2 Billions.


Dr. Shilimela is a family man; married to Mrs. Esser Pawa Shilimela and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

This business tycoon was blessed in everything, as he did not only discover businesses; hence love as well, in year 2002 Dr Shilimela found solace within the heart of the most beautiful woman that stole his whole heart. He found lasting love in the former school principal turn businesswoman that he later got married to in the year 2004.

My Empire

B&E Groups Holdings

Shilimela Security Services Shilitech Monitoring technologies

Shilimela construction cc, Shilimela security international Pty ( Ltd), Essie Trading enterprises cc, Shilimela financial services cc, B&E money Bureau cc.

Shilimela Mining and explorations Jv Shilitech and China Hui Technology based in shenzen city China

Shilimela Fishing, Shilimela Air wing, Shilimela Bricks, Shilimela debt collection cc.

My Education

International University of Management

Honorary Degree Doctor of Business administration and commerce 2016 May

Through his dedication, hard work and commitments, the self-made billionaire has been awarded.

Elementary school Standard two 1975 - 1979

He enrolled kinder garden at Oshigambo, hence he only attended elementary school up until standard two.

The beginning of his Political Journey

One faithful day he decided to find shelter under the tree as it was his hobby to be there while his peers were at school, he notice a man on the tree, and according to him , his clothes looked like the tree leaves, the man got so suspicious by seeing a boy he did not know that was in the same tree as him, he jumped off the tree, and questioned who he was, after introducing myself to him, he agreed with everything that he have told him, He has also identified him as a smart boy, and afterwards he identified himself as Swapo plan combatant by the name Shikongo Shakalulu, He then requested him to join him as his spy against South African troops, an offer that he could not resist. He welcomed Shakalulu’s idea and when he went home, he pretended as if he was still going to school, waking up early in the morning created an impression to his parents that he was indeed w going to school, yet he was going to meet Shikongo Shakalulu. He fully joined him and one day he asked him if he could join him at the battle field, but he refused by saying that he was too young to go to war. he then asked if he could plant the mine, when Shakalulu asked him where he wanted to plan it, he replied by saying that he wanted to plant it within their school premises, hence Shakalulu refused. However, Banda did not lose hope and as he finally said that he was going to plant the mine in road instead. After that, the permission was granted to him as he proceeded to plant the land mine with his brother Angred Shilimela, unfortunately, the south African troops traced their footprints because they have been searching for the mines on Ondangwa-Oshigambo road as a result they were taken in for questioning in connection with the planting of the mine, he got arrested together with his two brothers Kamati, and Egumbo but later released because there was no clear evidence against them. As a soldier was born a soldier, just after four days, Banda planted another mine with the generator that supplied power to SA troop base; this prompted the SA soldiers to launch a man haunt for him as the footprints found at the scene gave them the clear evidence. After realizing that he was wanted, the now renewed business tycoon then solely escaped to Angola followed Shikongo Shakalulu that had left a day earlier. He closed the Namibian borders through Omafo and proceeded through Angolan jungle where he walked up to Shangongo where he met the Angolan soldiers (FAPLA) for the first time. They took him to Lubango and he was later sent to Kwanza Zulu in the north eastern Angola, before Swapo sent him to German in 1982 where he stayed for five years with Timoteus Shunduli, according to him, they got so tired of being in German and they wanted to return back to Angola with the aim of librating their motherland. As their desire to go back to Angola were not fulfilled, they planned to attack their German house matron so that the government would find the reason to deport them back to Angola, He added that they poured the cooking oil on the floor that resulted in the house matron failing and when the Swapo representative was called at the site, they got deported to Angola with immediate effect. Back to Angola Back in Angola they arrived in Luanda Swapo transit camp and surprisingly they found people being organized to undergo military training in Lubango at Tobias Hainyeko training centre, hence knowing they were too young to be considered, they negotiated with Cde Sackeus Heelu a Swapo truck driver that they bribed with the pair of new clothes that they brought from German, the man then agreed to transport them to Lubango. Hence arriving in Lubango at night in 1987, the following morning they were spotted by Commander Shapange Anyati that ordered that they should be removed from the centre as they were too young to undergo military training, but they refused. Coincidentally the late Commander Cde Dimo Amambo arrived and they informed him that they want to join the liberation struggle to liberate their country. He informed Cde Shapange that they should be taken in immediately. After six months of military training, he was sent to the commanding headquarters, hence others were sent elsewhere. After arriving at the commander headquarters, Banda Shilimela was noticed by the plan commander Martin Shali that asked him why he left Kwanza Zulu, than he responded that they wanted to liberate their country, hence he was informed that he was too young to go to war unless he would rather become a messenger instead, which he became. By the end of 1987, he was deployed to the Northern front under Commander Thomas Nghilifavali Nopudjuu Hamunyela and later deployed at F Detachment. It was a dream came true when he started operating in Namibia. His last battle took place on the 02 April 1989 at Enghandja lashikongeni and Oshatotwa in Ohangwena region under Commander Elias Mkomonist Ambambi. After the long battle, he managed to flee to Ongha where he seek refuge at Tate Jeremia Nghaamwa, a brother to the current Governor of Ohangwena region Cde Usko Nghaamwa. He stayed there for six days before crossing the border to oshimbolela where UNTAG Deputy commander MAG General Opande of Kenya arrived to verify that Swapo complied with the United Nation security resolution. They were later demobilized to Namibia in August 1989. After the election, Swapo won the election and Namibia got independence, Shilimela among others were called in to form the Namibian Defence Force, so he formed the first battalion of the NDF under Commander Thomas Shuuya Mapaya. Banda Shilimela was later promoted to be the second commander of the military police detachment in the north with the rank of staff sergent. On the 02 February 2000; Cde Banda Shilimela resigned as a soldier to pursue a career in business full-time. The beginning of his Business journey At the time he was serving as a member of NDF, He earned a salary of N$ 413.00 the money he saved up as a start-up capital for his early business ventures such as cash loan business, hence he has also identified an opportunity to start his security business, as well as buying his first car..

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